We are more than just a candle brand; we believe that humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience and your home is your sanctuary, so we seek to make products that will add peace, balance and spiritual enlightenment to your home.

We started this journey making candles which inspired us to provide more products with clean ingredients for your home, body and spirit.

Basically, Lit Life is an inclusive and customer-centric brand that is passionate about creating that exceptionally peaceful experience that inspires you to explore your spirituality, one product at a time.

Our products are made with clean ingredients, meaning they are nontoxic and eco-friendly. We provide the highest level of customer service to each client, thereby establishing a long lasting relationship of trust and commitment. We pay keen attention to detail and believe that every client is and should be treated as the most important person in the world.


Core Values

We love to inspire bliss while exceeding our customer’s expectations in quality, value and service. All our dealings and interactions are centered on things we can be proud of today, tomorrow and twenty years from now. These principles are embodied in our core values which are:

Commitment: We have an unwavering commitment to our vision, and mission of providing edifying products for your home, body, and spirit.

Value: Our biggest goal is to add add peace, balance and spiritual enlightenment to your environment.

Service: We make our customers our priority. We provide them with outstanding customer service alongside our high quality products.

Sustainability: We are mindful of the planet. All our products are eco-friendly, nontoxic, and made with clean ingredients.

Transformation: We believe in inspiring inner peace and energizing a renewed perspective to life and spirituality.

Inclusion and Diversity: We utilize a conscious and mindful approach that treats everyone with respect and dignity.