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Himalayan Sea Salt Tea Light Candle HolderHimalayan Sea Salt Tea Light Candle Holder
Himalayan Sea Salt Tea Light Candle Holder
Sale price$15.00

Make it a vibe around your house! Himalayan Sea Salt Tea Light Candle Holder adds warmth to your room, natural air neutralizer, aids in sleep, and calms the mood!

  • Free 4 pack highly scent tea lights included
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Bamboo Umbrella - Stylish and Sustainable ShadeBamboo Umbrella - Stylish and Sustainable Shade
Bamboo Umbrella - Stylish and Sustainable Shade
Sale price$30.00

Introducing our Bamboo Umbrella - Stylish and Sustainable Shade

  • Eco-friendly bamboo construction
  • Generous size: approximately 26" long x 27" wide when open
  • Provides excellent UV protection
  • Manual opening and closing mechanism
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Durable and built to withstand sunny weather conditions
  • Add natural elegance to your outdoor space
  • Join the movement towards sustainability
  • Experience stylish shade with our Bamboo Umbrella

Elevate your outdoor experience with our stylish and sustainable Bamboo Umbrella. Shop now!


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Virgo Zodiac CandleVirgo Zodiac Candle
Virgo Zodiac Candle
Sale price$20.00
Experience the essence of Virgo with our meticulously crafted candle. Embrace the practicality and grounded energy of this Earth sign, inviting mindfulness and clarity into your space. Illuminate your surroundings and align with the harmonious balance of Virgo's wisdom.

Let the gentle flicker of the flame remind you to stay grounded and attuned to the present moment, just like the steadfast nature of the Virgo zodiac. Elevate your ambiance with the Virgo Candle and embrace the harmonious synergy of earthy wisdom and cosmic connection.
  • 10oz Candle
  • 40hr burn time

Please note that the assortment of crystals, herbs, and flowers inside the candle may vary.

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Wax Warmers, plugins, electric warmerWax Warmers, plugins, electric warmer
Wax Warmers, plugins, electric warmer
Sale price$15.00

A safe wax to have the smell of the candle without the worry of burning candles. Place your Lit Life candle wax inside the warmer for a long-lasting lingering scent.

  • SMALL-SPACE FRAGRANCE: Comes with a FREE sample of our soy-based wax melts, ranging from artisan, classic, odor-eliminating, and aromatherapy.
  • FUNCTION: Pluggable Fragrance Warmers can be used in vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base, making them ideal for counter outlets in small rooms and spaces.
  • SAFE AMBIANCE: The glow of the warming bulb (included) is cozy while warming wax creates a safer home fragrance by eliminating flame, soot, and smoke.
  • INCLUDES: Warmer with rotating base, NP7 Warming bulb, 1-year limited factory warranty. The plug is compatible with 3-prong US outlets and is 15 watts.
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