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Incense Sticks

A clean sweetness, with sandalwood and vanilla,
balances the airy fragrance.

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Take a Spiritual Bath!

Our tea lights are perfect for your spiritual bath!


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Amazonite Crystal
Amazonite Crystal
Sale price$6.00
Amber Romance Oil
Amber Romance Oil
Sale price$10.00
Apples and Bourbon
Sale price$10.00
ASHE (11inch Incense)ASHE (11inch Incense)
ASHE (11inch Incense)
Sale price$7.77
Save 17%
ASHE (19inch Incense)
ASHE (19inch Incense)
Sale price$10.00 Regular price$12.00
ASHE (Air Freshener)
ASHE (Air Freshener)
Sale price$8.00
Ashe Meditation CandleAshe Meditation Candle
Ashe Meditation Candle
Sale priceFrom $25.50
Save 14%
Ashe Mini Meditation Candle 2oz
Ashe Mini Meditation Candle 2oz
Sale price$6.00 Regular price$7.00

Oils for body or for burning!

Highly scented oils made with clean ingredients
for your body or home!


Me and my husband love these incense. The aromas smell so good and are long lasting. Then to get 25 for $4 such a value. My favorite is namaste and butt naked.

Delores C.

Body/Burning Oils

I love lighting this candle especially on cleaning day. It gives the whole house a fresh smell. I burn it along with the clean cotton insenct. My house be smelling sooo bomb.


Clean Cotton 2 Wick Candle

Very professional and great customer service. Always communicate before beginning to make your bottle. I'm very satisfied with their service and love my bottles.

Linda R.

Custom Incense Burners

just bought this candle from this shop on chrokee in st louis as a gift for myself and a gift it is i love how intentional the candle is. the stones the herbs the little note that comes with it. it is wonderful. Thanks to the creator i know where i can get great candles now no more bath and body works for me lol.


Grounding (Meditation Candle)

I love your incense!!!! They always smell so lovely and every time I burn them they just fill up the whole room and leave me relaxed and at peace. They ship them in a very timely fashion and they are just great. Love Love Love them!!!

Asia B.

Incense Sticks

OMG! I just burned "Green Tea" for the first time. IT IS AMAZING! I am not surprised as I honestly love all the scents I order. Please add me to the list for new products that drop because I want to be the first to get them. I literally burn an incense stick no less than 3 - 4x a day. Love them!


Incense Sticks

OMG thank you so much for the candle. I use this candle during my love work. It has been amazing!! Thank you again Charlie.

Tenille R.

Love and Light Candle

I love the light scent, it burns very well. So relaxing. I will light my candle and read.

Linda R.

Love and Light Candle

Just received my order and I'm in love!!! I can't wait to light it. Smells very good and I love the personalized packaging! Thank you.


Love Spell Meditation

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Lit Life Creations, is more than just a candle brand; we believe that humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience and your home is your sanctuary, so we seek to make products that will add peace, balance, and spiritual enlightenment to your home.

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