The Vegan Sage Kit
White Sage and Palo Santo wood are powerful tools for energy clearing and bringing positive vibes into your space. By lighting and smoldering a sage stick to cleanse the area while setting intentions for protection, and using Palo Santo to fill the air with fragrant smoke symbolizing luck and positivity, these rituals can help create an energetically balanced and harmonious environment.

Smudging Sack includes:

  • White Sage Bundle
  • Palo Santo Wood
  • Torch Lighter
  • Lotus Shaped Resin Bowl 3in bowl
  • Burlap/Mesh Travel Sack- Reusable
  • Instruction/informational Cards

Perfect for traveling or gifts for those starting their spiritual journey! 

Vegan Smudging Sack (White Sage and Palo Santo)


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