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Aries Zodiac CandleAries Zodiac Candle
Aries Zodiac Candle
Sale price$18.00 Regular price$20.00

This candle embodies the essence of the Aries! It represents their spicy personality with the scents of orange and cinnamon as well as the boldness in them with red and orange colors!

Light the way with this Aries Zodiac Candle, made to order just for you and shipped in 3-5 business days. Add a special zodiac touch to your home and let your sign bring you luck and positivity.

  • 20oz Candle
  • 40hr burn time
  • Made to order- Please give 3-5 business days for production prior to shipping
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Virgo Zodiac CandleVirgo Zodiac Candle
Virgo Zodiac Candle
Sale price$20.00
Experience the essence of Virgo with our meticulously crafted candle. Embrace the practicality and grounded energy of this Earth sign, inviting mindfulness and clarity into your space. Illuminate your surroundings and align with the harmonious balance of Virgo's wisdom.

Let the gentle flicker of the flame remind you to stay grounded and attuned to the present moment, just like the steadfast nature of the Virgo zodiac. Elevate your ambiance with the Virgo Candle and embrace the harmonious synergy of earthy wisdom and cosmic connection.
  • 10oz Candle
  • 40hr burn time

Please note that the assortment of crystals, herbs, and flowers inside the candle may vary.

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Cancer Zodiac CandleCancer Zodiac Candle
Cancer Zodiac Candle
Sale price$20.00

This candles embodies the essence of the Cancer!

  • 12oz candles
  • 40hr burn time
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